If you are a Motorola Atrix user and you like to customize your experiences to the degree of rooting, then you will be pleased to know that there is a CyanogenMod 7 pre-beta release for the Atrix now. Because of its "pre-beta" status there are a number of things that are still not working yet, like the Bluetooth and camera (and anything else not mentioned in the following list), but here are the things that are working:
  • 2G/3G/H+
  • Calls and SMS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Audio
  • USB
  • GPS
  • Display
  • Touchscreen
  • Battery stats
  • Proximity sensor
  • Screen orientation
  • Internal storage and external SD card
  • Multimedia playback (videos, music)

If you are okay with these issues and want to try it, make sure you realize you do so at your own risk, and backup your current ROM. The video above shows off what the CM7 looks like on the Atrix. Below are some source links that give you instructions and downloads. Also, let us know in the forums how it went, and how you like it.

ROM backup instructions from Google: How to Backup & Restore While Testing CM7 Alpha
Here's the Download: CM 7 pre-beta download

Source: AtrixForums.com via AndroidPolice and CyanogenMod Atrix Developers Team