A leaked document over at Tmonews.com seems to indicate that T-Mobile will be receiving the Samsung Hercules and the HTC Ruby October 26th. Supposedly, the Samsung Hercules is the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy SII. If that were true, then that would mean the T-Mobile version of the SGS2 will be released almost two months from the date that Samsung will announce the phone here in the States at the the NYC August 29th event. That seems like an inordinately long time for a carrier to wait to get one of the hottest selling phones in history. According to the report, T-Mobile plans to use the SGS2 as a "back to school" promo. Either this rumor is simply accurate, and T-Mobile will just have to patiently wait, or the Hercules isn't the SGS2, or the date on this rumor is just wrong. Time will tell.

Source: TmoNews.com