It seems like it is taking HTC an inordinate amount of time to get Gingerbread working on their "flagship" phone the HTC Thunderbolt. Luckily, modders in the community have "run with the ball" and you can get an unofficial Gingerbread hack that comes straight from a leaked RUU. Rootzwiki and theMkiMik, have worked hard to make this version 2.07.605.0 Gingerbread RUU hack work on the TBolt, but it supposedly still has some bugs, so keep that in mind. If you are brave enough to give it a whirl, head over to the RootzWiki Source link below for instructions and download.

Also, one of our astute forum members, brownsfan, saw this same story earlier this morning: GB for Thunderbolt leaked

Source: via DroidMatters and RootzWiki