For many of you guys, the thought of grabbing an Android Tablet for $400 or more, or even $300 may be just a bit too much. Recently, there has been an explosion of interest in a tablet that is not technically Android, but could soon be Android, and that is the HP Touchpad. For those that missed the news, the HP Touchpad with it's own HP custom operating system is now defunct. The company shelved the project at a cost of over $1 Billion dollars, because they couldn't get it going. In the interim they had a massive "fire sale" on the device, blowing it out for only $99 bucks. Many intrepid and creative forward-thinking folks saw this as an opportunity to potentially get a super-cheap Tablet that might have the potential to host a hacked version of Android.

That hasn't happened for the masses yet, but technically it has happened. Supposedly, Qualcomm was able to cram a working version of Android 2.2 on to the HP Touchpad, which shows that it is technically possible. So, now that you can see the possibilities, and for those of you who already jumped upon this opportunity, we wanted to share our website as the definitive repository of information on the device. In fact, thanks to one of our best admins, and all around amazing guy, wicked, we now have a thread of incredibly useful information for folks to be able to get their hands on one of these devices. Going to a great deal of trouble, wicked, compiled a huge list of available retail outlets and corporate chains for you to have an opportunity to purchase one of these devices for yourself. But, you have to hurry folks, as they are running out quickly! Here's his link below, and don't forget to check out and help create even more info regarding this device @!

Source: - HP Touchpad Availability Status Updates