Some of our tipsters over at may have just broken an intriguing "good news, bad news" story. According to a couple of sources, HP is cancelling the current HP TouchPad orders that haven't shipped yet. That's the bad news. The good news is that the reason they are cancelling it is because they are going to retract their initial discontinuation of the product line, and re-continue it (plus they are completely out of stock as well).

In some ways this isn't that great, because the opportunity to get a decent tablet for the low-low price of $99 dollars is slipping away; however, it is not too bad. Now, after seeing the relative success of the product with folks that either want a really cheap tablet, or folks that want to put Android on it, HP wants to revive it from the dead. Who knows... they may consider working out a licensing deal to get Android on it from Google. Of course, that is pure speculation at this point. Share your thoughts in the forums!

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