It seems like we have not had a lot of news coming from LG lately, but a new report changes that. According to an article on Pocket-Lint, LG is working on a successor to their glasses-free 3D phone the LG Optimus 3D. Supposedly, this new device will be slimmer to the tune of 7mm. There was no indication of any other spec changes/improvements, but the phone should come some time next year, in 2012. LG's Dr Henry Noh, indicated that next year slimmer designed phones will be the newest fad. Here's a quote from him,
"Next year, all the phones are going to be as thin as, letís say, 6mm. You throw in 3D, and because of the thickness and stuff, it becomes 7mm. But I bet you 90 per cent of the population wonít know the difference. Eventually, we want to make it so that having the 3D wonít necessarily mean that itís going to be thicker. Thatís going to be a differentiating factor that comes for free to the user."
The version of the Optimus 3D for the US market was recently released as the LG Thrill 4G for AT&T. According to the DroidMatters article, you can currently get the LG Thrill from AT&T for $100 bucks, and it can be found even cheaper from Amazon for for as low as $29.99 on-contract.

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