If you thought the new Nexus Prime could not get any more mysterious due to the mercurial nature of its unconfirmed name then you would be wrong. Right now we are treating this story as a rumor, because some of the info is a bit "suspect", but we are reporting it nonetheless. Apparently, the User Agent Profile doc, "nexusprime.xml", was recently leaked on Samsung's own website.

What is particularly odd about this leak is some of the facts that are presented in the document. On the one hand, several things seem to lineup with what we already know. For example, the file lists the model number as GT-I9250, which seems to jive with current intel.

On the other hand, there are a few tidbits that seem way off-base. One is that the phone in this doc has an ARM11 processor, which seems very unlikely. Furthermore, the screen info in the doc indicates a resolution of 480x800, which is way lower than the 720p we have heard about previously. It is possible that the info in the doc is simply placeholder or old, and will shake down differently later.

As always, we will try and keep you apprised as info changes. For now, the prevailing theory across the web is that the Nexus Prime will have a "multi-launch" on several carriers. For Verizon, the phone will be the SCH-I515, and will be called the Droid Prime. For other carriers, it will simply be the Nexus Prime and will use the GT-I9250 model name.

This would be an unusual event, because they have never launched the Google Nexus device in this way before; however, it might make sense. Perhaps, Google is considering marketing the Nexus devices differently than in the past, in order to make sure that their OEMs stay happy now that Google is purchasing Motorola. Share your theories in the forums.

Source: PrimeForums via AndroidPolice