If you are a huge fan of Fantasy Football leagues and are a Sprint user, you will be pleased by this news. Sprint has just released their new Fantasy Football Fanatic Sprint ID Pack for phones. The ID Pack is loaded with apps, features, and info designed to assist you with your Fantasy Football League activities. Here's a quick list of some of the apps included in this Sprint ID Pack:
  • SportCaster (Market link)
  • RotoWire Fantasy News Center (Market link)
  • National Football Post (pictured above) (Market link)
  • Express Football (Market link)
  • The Fantasy Football Guys (Market link)
  • FriendCaster for Facebook (Market link)
  • Yahoo! Fantasy Football (Market link)
  • Sprint Football Live (Market link)

The ID Pack is free and should give you plenty of help with managing your Fantasy Football time effectively.

Source: AndroidCentral