Here's a welcome bit of news for Sprint users, whether you use the iPhone or Android. Apparently, Sprint is not going to follow the lead of the other carriers, Verizon and AT&T and eliminate their Unlimited Data plan after they get the new iPhone5. According to the industry rumor, Sprint intends to keep their Unlimited Data Plans "as is" even after they start selling their iPhone5.

Indeed, this seems to be a great cause for celebration and could easily make a person reconsider Sprint instead of their current carrier. This will give a huge competitive advantage to the Now Network, and this is on top of the fact that Sprint's customer service ratings are at an all time high and are currently in a tie with Verizon for number one. Furthermore, Sprint is the first carrier to get the Samsung Galaxy SII superphone, which will be called the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

I like the altered pic above that came with the Engadget article, and it fits well, because although Sprint has a reputation of not having the same coverage as Verizon, it is still a ton better than AT&T, and I have never been to an area where I could not get Sprint coverage or at least roaming coverage (which is also free on Sprint).

What do you guys think? Perhaps time for a switch, (if you aren't already with Sprint) or simply glad you are with Sprint already?

Source: Engadget