In another interesting twist of events in the ongoing Apple vs, Samsung legal feud, retailers in Germany are still allowed to both sell and restock the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The catch is that the legal ban only stops the Samsung Division that is headquartered in Germany, while German retailers are still perfectly able to sell and restock from other divisions such as Samsung Korea. This makes Apple's "victory" seem rather hollow, since the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still selling just fine in Germany. In fact, Media Markt, a popular electronics retailer in Germany and The Netherlands, could bypass the ban entirely simply by rerouting their shipments through the Netherlands. More than likely, Samsung will eventually do the same thing themselves for other retailers.

Ultimately, this could end up adding to the costs for retailers of the device, as now they may have extra shipping and fees, but it isn't expected to impact the retail prices of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 very much, if at all. This is lucky and welcome news for consumers in Germany. This practically nullifies the whole court case entirely. Share your thoughts in the forums.

Source: and via AndroidPolice