If the above leaked Verizon doc turns out to be real and not fake, then we have some interesting news regarding some future VZW phones. This doc was obtained by a Best Buy Mobile worker, and it indicates that certain phones will "replace" previous phones in Verizon's lineup. Apparently, the Samsung Droid Prime (SCH-i515) will be replacing the Droid Charge (SCH-i510), and the HTC Vigor (ADR6400) will be the sequel to the Thunderbolt (ADR6425).

Additionally, the document seems to indicate that the Samsung Stratosphere will be the update to the Samsung Fascinate, which most folks in the industry have already speculated to be accurate. There's no proof that this isn't fake, and in fact, it even has some spelling errors, but it still could be real. What do you guys think?

Source: PrimeForums via DroidMatters