Yesterday, we shared a report about a leaked Verizon lineup document at Best Buy. There were some questionable things in the doc, so we made it clear in the writeup that it was a sketchy rumor at best. This morning we have a second leaked Verizon roadmap document. This one doesn't have any spelling errors, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily any more accurate. Still, it is worth reporting in case it does turn out to be the real thing.

This one confirms the Samsung Prime replacing the Droid Charge, and the Stratosphere (spelled correctly this time) replacing the Fascinate; however, this new doc makes no mention of the HTC Vigor at all. It's entirely possible that both docs could turn out to be real, because neither one actually contradicts the other, only one is missing some info. It is possible that the first doc was hastily typed up by a middle management person based upon notes at a meeting or some other possibility. Only time will tell if either or both docs are real or fake.

Source: PrimeForums via Droid-Life