Lately we've seen a few interesting remote controlled devices for Android, but most of them where a bit on the pricey side. Here is a cool little inexpensive desk toy for your Android smartphone that won't break your wallet. The TankBot from Desk Pets is a miniature tread-based remote controlled vehicle that you maneuver with your Android smartphone. It uses a rechargeable battery that is recharged through USB. It holds its charge for 15 minutes of play and recharges in 40 minutes. It also uses a dongle-type universal remote device that plugs into your headphone jack and then communicates with their software that you can download from the Market. The Tankbot can be purchased for $25 bucks.

Regrettably the toy only has a limited amount of Android phones that it is "certified" to work on right now, but they are working to improve that list, and it still might work on others. Make sure you communicate with the company to find out if yours Android phone might work, before you buy it. For developers, Desk Pets has open sourced the TankBot and are looking for new ideas for the toy. The best five ideas they receive will in get a free TankBot to develop with.

Source: TalkAndroid and DeskPets