Recently, some new pics of the Motorola Xoom 2 and Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition have been leaked. From the pics we can see the some things have changed for the Xoom 2. The volume rocker and power buttons are on the back of the device now. Also, sources indicate that these versions of the Xoom 2 will come standard with LTE and will be as thin as an iPhone supposedly. The source also indicated that the tablets still need a lot of "baking time". They are very buggy with reboots and crashes right now, so that means there is no clue as to when these devices might be launched. For now, they are running the 3.2 version of Honeycomb, but there is no word yet on if they will launch with that or ICS. We will keep our ears to the ground for you. You can also check out more pics over at the Engadget article.

Source: and XoomForums via Engadget