The marketing research company, Strategy Analytics, predicts that the Amazon Android Tablet, the "Kindle Fire" will be a huge success and should sell 15 million units by the end of 2013. They also suggest that this tablet will be the best selling of all the Android tablets. They further expressed that, even though the Android version on the tablet is heavily modified, it will still be a rousing success for Google, because it will put the Android OS in the limelight. Here is a quote of their comments,
Amazon to Sell 15 Million Kindle Fires By 2013 – Strategy Analytics

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amazon will sell more than 15 million of its new Kindle Fire tablet worldwide by the end of 2013, according to the latest report from Strategy Analytics’ Tablet and Touchscreen Strategies service. The forecast, published in “Amazon’s Fire Reignites Entry-Level Tablet Market”, is derived using a proprietary choice-based consumer demand model, assumes that Amazon will add two further Fire models during the forecast period, and that it will expand availability to Western Europe, Japan and other developed markets during 2012.

“Our first impression of the Amazon Kindle Fire is very positive,” says Peter King, Director, Tablet and Touchscreen Strategies. “Amazon has avoided what most of the earlier iPad competitors failed to avoid; a direct comparison on size, features, price and user experience.”

“One company that will welcome the Fire is Google,” King continues. “Amazon will likely sell such high volumes of the Fire that Google’s Android OS will benefit from the increased scale of Apps developed with Android in mind in general, and Amazon specifically.”
It'll be somewhat ironic if the most successful Android tablet turns out to be a device that doesn't make a big deal out of being an Android tablet, and in fact, almost hides it. What do you think of SA's bold predictions?

Source: via BGR