Recently, Samsung was attempting to work out a settlement deal with Apple in Australia regarding the patent infringement lawsuits. The details of the agreement were not given, but it would have allowed Samsung to begin selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as early as next week, and would have sped up the conclusion of the court proceedings. Unfortunately, Apple isn't having any of it, and has rejected the proposed settlement. Here is a quote from Apple's attorney Steven Burley,
"It is one we don't accept and there is no surprise. The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch and maintain the status quo."
That's a fairly blunt and unsurprising statement.

Samsung's attorneys indicated that this rejection makes any type of compromise or collaboration unlikely now. Here's a quote from the Engadget article,
Samsung's lawyers, meanwhile, acknowledged that the rejection now lessens the chances for any settlement at all, arguing that a truce "is not going to be achievable... given the positions advanced by each party," and that the litigation may extend well into 2012.
Source: Engadget