Richard Windsor, technology securities analyst at Nomura International, recently made the bold assertion that the various Android Tablet makers should follow Amazon's lead by lowering their prices on tablets and offering Amazon content, or they should get out of the market. Windsor suggested that the other tablet makers refusing to lower their prices are "living in denial." He further added, "The main effect of the potential sea change triggered by Amazon could be a change in roadmap to cheaper products or possible tie-ups with Amazon. With the advent of the Amazon Kindle Fire, many of the other tablet makers are in a bit of a quandary as they are left with expensive tablets without a comprehensive content offering."

Windsor also said that Amazon will most likely dominate the low-end of the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, while Apple will continue to control the high-end with the iPad2. Windsor did indicate, however, that Google's new Android 4.0 OS Ice Cream Sandwich, could help tablet makers compete better with the iPad. Google is expected to make an official announcement about ICS at a press conference in San Diego on October 11th.

Source: via BGR