One of our newer members on, beastman, aka, Paul DeMarco, created a brilliant app that he is giving away for free to help save us from our own bad habits. He noticed something that is becoming more and more obvious all the time... that texting while driving is becoming a large and very dangerous problem. Rather than just complain about it, Paul jumped into action and did something about it. He created this awesome little voice-to-text app he calls, "Jarvis." The video below shows off the effectiveness of the "Text n' Drive" app far better than any description I could write.

He already posted a thread about his app, and it looks like the first review from one of our other members, REMilk, was pretty glowing. Here's a quote from Paul DeMarco regarding his motivation for this project,
I made Jarvis to alleviate the rising number of accidents due to texting and driving, and any exposure to get this on more devices would make our roads safer.
I urge you guys to give this one a try and share in this thread any constructive feedback that could help Paul in this noble cause. Below is a link to the Android Market for you to download it, and I also included a link to his original post at, so that you can see the user-review.

Source: Android Market - Jarvis Text n' Drive Robot App and DroidForums - From the Forums: Jarvis - Text 'n Drive Robot App