This report looks like good news and bad news, plus some worse news. The good news is that Samsung has confirmed that they will have a press conference in the UK on October 27th. The bad news (at least for those hoping to hear about the Galaxy Nexus) is that this event is not for the Galaxy Nexus device. Samsung confirmed the rumor that this event was planned all along and is for the Galaxy Note, the giant 5.3-inch hybrid phone/tablet.

The second bit even worse news is that the funeral service for Steve Jobs will likely be held on October 19th. This is the same date that was recently rumored Samsung would hold their launch event for the Galaxy Nexus device here in the States. Since the whole reason Samsung postponed the CTIA October 11th launch of the Galaxy Nexus, was to offer respect to the passing of Mr. Jobs, it is now unlikely that the launch event will happen on that date either.

Of course, much of this date-changing was pure speculation to begin with, so we will just have to confirm things when they finally happen.

Source: via PhoneArena