There is some new Android malware out there that is down-right vicious. It is a fake Netflix app that is simply a Trojan designed to steal your identity. Symantec found the trojan and determined that it is designed to send your log-in info to a remote server after telling you that there is a compatibility issue with your device. Then attempts to uninstall itself. Basically, they could gain access to your account and get all kinds of info. Luckily, they can't get your credit card info, because Netflix website only shows the last four digits of your credit card.

Still, Elinor Mills of points out something even scarier, “It might be a test run for a phony mobile banking app, which could yield access to much more sensitive information." If this is the case, and the unscrupulous hackers did develop such an app and gain access to your bank accounts, they could wreak havoc. Here's a quote from Symantec regarding the timing of the trojan,
“A gap in availability, combined with the large interest of users attempting to get the popular service running on their Android device, created the perfect cover forAndoid.Fakeneflic to exploit.”
As you've heard before, always be on the lookout and only download apps from trusted sources.

Source: TalkAndroid