Samsung Galaxy S II HD With LTE Clears FCC

The Samsung Galaxy S II HD with LTE has found itís way to the FCCís Columbia Maryland test facility. The device carrying the number SHV-E120L.

Originally reported in September to be headed exclusively to Korea. Now it looks like it might quite possibly show up in North America.

The speculation is that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (or is it Nexus Galaxy) and the Samsung Droid Prime, are the reasons that Verizon Wireless didnít get the initial Samsung Galaxy S II, the S II HD LTE which ads another mysterious kink into that thought process.

The Samsung Galaxy S II HD is said to be rocking a 1.5ghz dual core processor (hopefully Samsung not Qualcomm), a 1280x720p resolution and a 4G/LTE radio. Samsung will be announcing Ice Cream Sandwich with Google late Tuesday night, so this version of the Galaxy S II may perhaps have that as well.

Via: TheDroidGuy.Com