There are some intriguing signs pointing to the distinct possibility that the Motorola Droid RAZR will have an NFC chip. The "hint" that leads us to this conclusion is that Motorola announced two new "advanced" Bluetooth headsets that support some additional interesting features. They will have HD-quality audio and use the MotoSpeak app, but, more importantly, they will also have their own NFC technology built-in. To get this headset device to work with an NFC enabled phone, you will simply have to tap them together, which is obviously much easier than configuring Bluetooth.

This of course begs the questions, why would they release an NFC enabled headset when they don't have any NFC enabled smartphones? Of course, the logical deduction is that they intend to produce one soon, and that just might be the RAZR. It's possible that Motorola just wants to start retailing these headsets now as more phones with NFC tech come out. It's also possible that they are getting ready to release another phone that will have the NFC chip. For now it's just speculation, but we can make a good inference that the RAZR could just be Moto's first NFC phone.

Source: Droid-Life