The folks over at PhoneArena have created an intriguing custom infographic that details the progressive rise of Android to market dominance. Some of the interesting details shared in the display are how Android's US market share ballooned from a paltry 5.2% as of December 2009 to 40% in June 2011. The graphic also shares how far Android has come, now that it is up to 550,000 activations per day and a total of 150 Million activated devices as of August, 2011. Their details show that Android has some areas to improve still too, with some room for growth in the "number of apps" and "percentage of total app revenue", although 'Andy' does have the highest percentage of free apps.

The growth of the Android platform has been truly phenomenal, there is no denying that. The infographic also includes some speculation and a wishlist for the future. We couldn't include the infographic directly with the story as it is very custom, but we included the source link below for you to check it out.

Source: PhoneArena