A clever team of developers threw together a working alpha of an app dubbed, Iris. This app is designed to be a test of how quickly they could develop an alternative to Siri from the new Apple iOS 5. They culled the various existing Android voice input and text-to-speech capabilities, and coupled it with an online search and added a dash of humor. After initial testing, they realized that their "throw-together" alpha version of Iris had a lot of bugs and problems, as it frequently misunderstood questions altogether, but they found that Siri got some of the same stuff wrong too in comparison testing.

What's important to take away from this experiment is that Apple can't "sit on their hands" and expect Siri to carry the "voice recognition" torch for too long. If a small team of third party community developers can whip up a workable alpha Android competitor in just eight hours, a dedicated team of paid professionals with a large budget and more time could easily come up with something very competitive. Adding something like it to the plethora of amazing features in Ice Cream Sandwich, you could have a recipe for making Siri look "cheesy" by comparison.

Source: SlashGear