Does this seem like a case of "biting the hand that feeds you"? Recently, Sony Ericsson filed a lawsuit against a fan-site because the site used the copyrighted "Xperia" name in their domain. The fan-site was called Sony Ericsson wanted the site to transfer the domain and another domain they owned,, into SE's custody. Rather than try and fight it in a protracted and expensive legal battle, the website decided it would close instead. Here's a quote from the blog's owners,
“We do not have the resources to fight Sony Ericsson on this and therefore this is the last you will hear from us. Sony Ericsson has made great strides in its Xperia portfolio, especially in listening to the community. This makes it all the more confusing as to why Sony Ericsson would want to shut us down. We genuinely believe that 2012 could be a bumper year for the company, we just wish we could have been there along for the ride.”
While it is easy to understand that it is important for a company to protect its trademarked names, it seems like a very odd move on SE's part. It's basically become an unwritten etiquette across the web that fan-sites are left alone because they are free marketing and advertising, and they usually generate excitement and more market appeal for a product or service.

It begs the question... why would SE do this now? Perhaps their was some content on the site they didn't like, or perhaps they want to use the domain for their own purposes and were simply flexing their muscle to get what they wanted... Either way, that's a sure-fire way to destroy customer loyalty, and drive customers away. What do you think?

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