From the looks of this leaked picture of a purchase order, it is highly likely that Sprint will be the next carrier to announce the Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming to their network. According to the PO, a couple of posters for the "Nexus Prime" were ordered for the Now Network. Intel in the industry has all-but-confirmed that the "Nexus Prime" name was simply the internal codename for the Galaxy Nexus.

It would be quite ridiculous for Sprint stores to order posters for the device if it was not going to sell it. Since the phone is both a CDMA and a GSM phone, there is no reason not to expect it from the other two carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile, as well.

Obviously, we will keep an eye out to inform you guys as soon as we know any more details. Don't you just love leaks?

Source: SprintDroids via BriefMobile