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This is a discussion on LG Ally Review within the Android News forums, part of the Android.net category; Love the Ally and version 2.2 was unimpressed with USB generics not charging it. Went to Verizon could have choked them all out. Turns out ...

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Thread: LG Ally Review

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    Android Lurker RickSeaman's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Love the Ally and version 2.2 was unimpressed with USB generics not charging it. Went to Verizon could have choked them all out. Turns out all you have to do is put a drop of solder on pins 2 and 3 and you can charge in the car again. Love the phone but this was the only problem so far. Spoke to an LG tech yesterday he said 2.2 was not designed for Alley only the faster processors but I guess all the Alley owners were Jonesing and had to have it.

    Well here we are! Modifiing the cable isn't bad especailly if you go get one at the dollar store.

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    Android Lurker allyblows's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Have had nothing but issues with my LG Ally.. Should be a recalled phone. Terrible is all I have to say

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    Android Lurker johnrogers626's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Ally has included some great and some learning experiences for me, some of which have been extremely frustrating. Have another year on contract for some more learning. If time was up right now I'd probably go back to Blackberry, though expect a higher-end Droid might have enough power to eliminate most problems with this Ally?

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    Guest Jeffrey's Avatar
    Hate my Ally. It freezes, force closes and inundates me with duplicate emails even after they have been deleted. Sometimes I receive the same email or notification 6-7 times. There is also no way to delete all email trash unless you select each individual email. My Blackberry never had issues...never. I switched for the larger screen. Contract up in 12 months...counting the days. Switching back

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    Pissd off
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    ALLY SUCKS.....Lg should recall it just for the fact its dragging thier name into the mud. The only reason i got the ally over other phones is because i love Lg's. ive never had problems with them...UNTIL NOW...so angry

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    Android Jr Member sastanley's Avatar
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    All you Ally haters just be happy you don't have the Droid Eris! Talk about a dud!

    My Ally is holding up pretty well. My only real complaint is all the Verizon bloatware.

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    Android Enthusiast gtr1000rider's Avatar
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    Indeed. I'm rooted and running the Velocity 1.1 ROM and the Ally is actually pretty nice now. I really can't complain.

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    Guest bobh's Avatar
    Other than being slow (I don't know how other 3G's compare) and that my fingers are apparently too large to hit the right button half the time it's been fine.

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    Edward Carullo
    Guest Edward Carullo's Avatar
    The ally is a wothless phone I will never get a nother one and I will never by anything LG agin this is the nices thing I could say about it

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    Guest Lauren's Avatar
    my LG ally sucks! Every couple of days I have to delete photos and apps (which I barely have) just to send out a text and I have a 4GB SD card which doesn't seem to register. Every so often my screen flickers. This phone is so slow and shouldn't be considered a smart phone because it doesn't have that much memory. I regret getting rid of my blackberry storm for this piece of junk. 8 months until I can upgrade to another phone!

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