Recently, Motorola revealed in an SEC filing that they made a cool $228 Million pre-tax dollars from a patent licensing agreement that just finalized. They were tight-lipped about who the licensing deal was with, but industry speculation suggests the money likely came from RIM. There is good evidence to support this theory as the SEC filing indicated that the settlement agreement was entered into in June of 2010. This happens to coincide perfectly with an agreement that was made between Motorola and RIM that created a patent licensing agreement.

Without naming the company, a statement from Motorola Mobility read, “The agreement includes provisions for an upfront payment of $175 million from the other company to [Motorola Mobility], future royalties to be paid by the other company to [Motorola Mobility] for the license of certain intellectual property, and the transfer of certain patents between the companies." They also indicated that the agreement covered a nine month period ending on October 2nd, 2011.

Source: Wired