I'd bet that most developers can only imagine getting 1/100th of of this level of success with their apps or games. Apparently, "Angry Birds" has reached a ridiculous milestone, with 500 Million downloads! Now, obviously, a good portion of those were probably downloading the free version, but if they even got 10% of that number to purchase, that would be 50 Million times the price of the game. Just wow! The video above gives some interesting factoids about how successful the game has been in raw numbers, and here is a breakdown below of some of it:
  • No. 1 in 79 Countries
  • 266 billion levels played
  • 400 billion birds shot
  • The equivalent of 200,000 years played
  • 300 million minutes played daily

That's impressive no matter how you look at it. These stats rival some of the most popular games on consoles or PC gaming. What do you guys think?

Source: AndroidMarket - Angry Birds