The FCC recently had their way with the upcoming Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet, in more ways the one. They dissected the device and took some very candid pictures of the poor subject's insides. Of course, because they decided to throw common decency to the wind, we now have some great pics of the Tegra 3 Quad-core chip! Also, according to some reports, Asus plans to have ICS ready for this tablet in early 2012. The device will likely go on sale for $499, and although that price is a bit steep, you get cutting edge technology for that price, so it should please the power-user crowd. We have also heard that the tablet is likely to be available as early as November 9th, so potentially as early as next week we will see whatthis ultra high-end tablet is capable of. Here are some pics, but be sure to hit the source link for some more.

Speaking of which, we have another story on the Asus Transformer Prime to follow that will have some benchmarks of the device. Stay tuned!

Source: TransformerForums via PhoneArena