It's been a while since we have heard any news regarding Apple lawsuits and Android, and it's been even longer since we have had any good news for Android on that front. Now that streak is broken. Apparently, Motorola just scored a decent victory in Germany against Apple. According to the reports, Motorola has won an injunction to bar sales of all of Apple's mobile devices in Germany due to these devices infringing on two patents from Motorola. One of the patents is related to GSM, UMTS and 3G, but the other patent was not detailed in the report.

Unfortunately, it also looks like this victory will be almost meaningless at the moment, because the legal victory Motorola scored was against Apple, Inc., not the local branch of Apple, Germany. What this means is that Apple, Inc. can't sell any mobile products in Germany, but Apple, Inc. already doesn't sell any products in Germany, only the local branch sells products in Germany. However, it does bar Apple, Inc. from shipping any "new products" to their German branch, so it remains to be seen what impact this might have in the future. We will keep you informed as more details emerge.

Source: BGR