While in Korea this week, Eric Schmidt reiterated that Google will let Motorola run itself independently from Google. Here is his statement, "In general, with all of our partners, we told them that the Motorola deal will close and we will run it sufficiently and independently, that it will not violate the openness of Android we're not going to change in any material way the way we operate." Furthermore, Motorola's VP of Software Development Ruth Hennigar, added his two cents worth indicating that Moto still doesn't even have the source code of Android Ice Cream Sandwich yet.

This is some interesting news on a couple of levels. First, it's obviously important to both Google and Motorola to squelch the rumors that Moto will get preferential treatment for Android OS support in the future. This should alleviate some of the trepidations that any of the other Android OEMs might have. Second, this is also a bit of sad news for Motorola users. It means it could be a while before Motorola is able to get Ice Cream Sandwich running on their hardware, since they don't even have it to test with yet.

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Source: PhoneArena