Well we all know how kids like to play with 'our' toys, Toys R Us is releasing the Android Nabi Tablet made just for the youngins.

Designed to distract kids aged six years and up, this tot-sized Android slate boasts a seven-inch, 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen display, 4GB of onboard storage, and a 533MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU. Now of course these aren't the best specs for a tablet, but sufficient enough to keep the kids occupied long enough for those Holiday road trips and the after Thanksgiving dinner.

The tablet is described as 'kiddified', allowing them to watch tv, play games and perform other pre-approved actions on it. It also has a 'Mommy Mode' which takes the tablet up a step, allowing for mature content and Toys R Us is planning to release an upgrade called 'Daddy Mode' and I'm not even going to render a guess of what that may include..

But either way, it definitely would make a nice gift for any kid this holiday season. Parents can pre-order it for $200 at the link below.

Source: Nabi Tablet - Nabi - Toys "R" Us