The rumored release date of the Asus Transformer Prime has been dancing about according to the latest news. Gamestop has created most of the confusion. They have released multiple conflicting reports suggesting the device would ship on December 9th, then November 28th, then back to December 9th, and now their latest info suggests December 19th.

Luckily, since they obviously don't really have any clue when it will be released, we can summarily ignore them. We are also fortunate that there is a new report supposedly coming directly from an Asus spokesperson, that the device will launch in the United States on December 8th. This same source also shared that the tablet would come out in Taiwan on December 1st, and that Europe won't get it until January.

It really makes you scratch your head and wonder if anyone at these companies really think this stuff through and have a schedule. Or perhaps, their marketing departments have an evil sense of humor and like torturing consumers.

Source: TransformerForums via TalkAndroid and PhanDroid