Here is a follow-up story to one Shadez posted earlier. There was an amazing leak that the folks over at Engadget scored. This internal Verizon email (pictured above) indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Droid 4 will be arriving to Verizon stores on December 8th, and according to the source of this leak, the Droid 4 will be available that day, and the Galaxy Nexus will be available the next day, on December 9th. Both of these dates lineup with a slew of rumors that we have been hearing over the past few weeks. This looks pretty solid folks. This Thursday and Friday are going top be busy at Verizon stores.

What's also interesting in this email is the mention of a white Motorola Droid RAZR coming on December 6th. That's the next story we had in line to share with you guys, but we didn't have a date. Looks like we do now.

Source: Engadget

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