TouchType Ltd, the developers of the popular keyboard add-on app, Swiftkey, just got a nice influx of investment capital. They received a $2.4 Million dollar boost of Series A financing to “accelerate consumer and OEM adoption.” This should bring them even more investment potential. It will also help them further improve their product and bring it even more into the public eye world-wide, by enhancing their commercial, executive, and technical teams. They plan to utilize these resources to further improve their SwiftKey products and their Fluency program that forms the core of the speech prediction function in the keyboard app. Additionally, it will further improve their relations with OEMs to help get their product pre-installed on future devices.

TouchType CEO Jon Reynolds had this to say,

“We’ve seen tremendous consumer adoption of our SwiftKey keyboards on Android, and have secured significant OEM deals to pre-*‐install our technology. While SwiftKey has already received widespread praise, we’re always striving to improve our products in response to our customers’ needs. We’re also planning to enter new vertical markets in the New Year, where faster and more accurate text entry can drive significant benefits.”
This looks like an exciting time for them, and it's nice to see a developer living the dream!

Source: SlashGear