Cloudy with a 15% chance for a Galaxy Nexus Release. That's how I'm going to start reporting the GN release dates from now on! These launch dates have been changing daily and now I'm about 65% sure that no one really has a clue. We've all been crossing our finger for a release today, December 9th, 14th, 15th, and 22nd. I think we've all come to realize even the dates posted from the most reliable sources around the web have all turned out to be false. We do know the release is getting very close so don't lose hope. I've had several of our sources let me know devices and accessories are either enroute or have already arrived locked away in stores waiting for the official launch command passed down from the head VZW office.

December 11th / December 15th? has been very quiet about posting release dates until today. His VZ Ninjas are now pointing toward a possible release this Sunday (December 11th),next Thursday (December 15th), or the worst case scenario would be by the end of next week.

We heard from one of our most reliable ninjas that we could be looking at a Sunday launch. Now Sunday launches donít jive with traditional Verizon Wireless launch dates but this particular ninja has never been wrong. Having said that, he felt about 75% on a Sunday launch.

You know a product is going to be awesome when the news surrounding the launch sounds like a weather report.

Source: thedroidguy