Samsung is turning Apple's own strategy against themselves with a new marketing campaign in Australia. They took direct aim at Apple with their new ad campaign and are turning the failed Apple lawsuit into a marketing victory. As you can see from the pic above, they are calling the Australian Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, "The Tablet that Apple Tried to Stop."

The ad ran in the Sun-Herald this week. For even more of "a sting" to Apple, shortly after this ad ran, Samsung Australia's mobile head, credited Apple's lawsuits for making the Galaxy Tab a "household name." He said, "At the end of the day the media awareness certainly made the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a household name compared to probably what it would've been based on the investment that we would've put into it from a marketing perspective." He further added that demand is expected to outpace the supply, which is better than they were expecting before the courtroom drama.

BANG! I think I just heard the sound of a car backfiring...

Now, if we can just get some more victories like this throughout the rest of the lawsuit debacle, then everyone, including Apple, can go back to doing what they do best... creating cool technology!

Source: via Engadget