This is the GSM version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from iFixit

The folks at TechRepublic are following in the footsteps of iFixit and fixing things that aren't broken by breaking them first. Luckily for us, they took pictures of all the gory details as they dissected the new Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If you are into seeing the inner workings of your favorite tech gadget, then you won't want to miss it. Interestingly, this is the second time that the Galaxy Nexus has been torn apart, but of course, the previous surgery was the GSM international version of the phone. That operation was handled by the folks at iFixit. Both articles makes for some interesting pics to peruse. If you want to see the full gamut of pics from either version of the G-Nex, just check out the source links below.

This is the VZW version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from TechRepublic

Source: TechRepublic and iFixit