The free sports tracker app, "Are You Watching This?!?" just added a pretty awesome new feature. The app can now turn your Android device into a remote control for DirectTV, GoogleTV & TiVo that specializes in sports TV watching! Here's a quote from Engadget with a description of what it can do,

In its newest iteration, the free app ties into DirecTV, TiVo or Google TV setups with IP control for one click switching to the appropriate channel -- key when a game is coming down to the last play and you're not sure where the remote is or which channel NBA / NFL / MLB etc. action is on. There's varying levels of filtering options so users can see alerts just when their team is playing, any decent matchup or just the must-see finishes.
The app needs to be installed on your Android phone and on GoogleTV, but DirectTV and TiVo, should be setup for it already. You will also need to enter your ZIP and cable provider on the remote app. Below is the developer's website, and a link to the Android Market for you to give it a shot. Above is a video demo of the new features.

Source: RUWT? Blog and Android Market - RUWT?