It's been a wild ride for anyone thats owns the Galaxy Tab and/or the Galaxy S. Samsung first announced that it would not offer Ice Cream Sandwich to the devices because of memory issues related to Touchwiz. Then 24 hours later after the masses took to the web to voice their displeasure they changed their tune and said they were re-examining the devices for the update.

Today brings yet another change to the Merry-Go-Round. A recent report published by South Korean website Duam on Wednesday said Samsung may instead offer a “Value Pack” that will include a number of enhancements. The Value Pack will not offer all the bells and whistles of 4.0 but according to Duam the value pack update will offer improved web surfing, better multitasking, different widget sets, camera improvements and more. Face unlock while not a needed feature may find it's way into the value pack.

Source: BGR via Duam