Now I know what your thinking and it probably looks something like "What the #*&%$*#?!!! This is already implemented in ICS!" So how can they file for this patent? Easy. Apple has been working on this since 2009 as referenced here at Patently Apple. Originally it was not intended for iOS or mobile devices but for home and enterprise security applications but who's to say they will not apply it across the board. This news seems a bit ludicrous that Apple would file for a patent on technology thats been seen in Sci-Fi flicks for years but the patent is pretty thorough.

It is a bit premature to try and decipher Apples intentions and where they will go with this but it doesn't look so good for Google. In reality the Face Unlock is a little gimmicky and most people will not be terribly upset if the tech is done away with but it's the principle that is going to upset the legion of Android fans.

Google has not raised an eyebrow at Apples notification bar and this may be the straw that breaks the Camels back.

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Source: Android Guys