According to ASCII Media Works’ Weekly ASCII computer magazine your phone may just look like this if it were human. The characters of Hana no Android Gakuen (Android School of Flowers) are named after the different handset manufacturers. The Comic book series by Noriyuki Kayama is based on, you guessed it, several Android handset manufacturers.

We think Android has never looked so good. The LG Revolution's lines cannot come close to Elle G's slim sexy legs and Motorola's industrial designs fall way short of the buxom blonde Moto Laura.

For you information the girls Professor is no one else but..........Professor Google (applause.) Wouldn't you know it he has married Moto Laura but he claims she gets no special treatment. We'll see about that one won't we?

There is no english version of the comic yet but head on over to ASCII to get to know all the characters. Google translate comes in handy.

Source: Droiddog