We are going to file this one under Android related because it may just have an impact on Android sales. Matter of fact it will have an impact on sales but how much is yet to be seen. Did I just see all the Android Enthusiast's share a collective eye roll? Of course I did but hold up and read on.

Paul Thurrotts's WinSupersite has just written an article that blows the doors off the $100 million marketing push by Nokia and Microsoft to get Windows handsets into consumers hands. Truth of the matter is that it's not $100 million or $1.25 million it's a staggering $200 million and that's just in the United States. Nokia is not the only manufacturer jumping onboard. Samsung will contribute funds as well. It's quite clear, Microsoft wants to convince consumers to purchase millions of Windows Phone handsets in the first half of 2012.

It doesn't stop there neither. According to the site:

Included in the plan are sales incentives for retail workers, aimed at getting them to finally start recommending Windows Phone as an alternative to Android and iPhone. The amount of payments are $10 to $15 per handset sold, depending on the number sold, for some handset models.
See where are they going with this? Microsoft and it's partners are going to splash onto the smartphone scene like a Tidal Wave. With a huge amount of marketing dollars behind them they just may jump to forefront very quickly. The Droid series is a perfect example of Marketing dollars pushing product. It just works. One glaring issue that we find is that consumers may just end up with a phone that isn't right for them but that's neither here nor there at this time.

Android certainly has a leg up because of it's applications and Developer enthusiasm but there is always room for more competition. It's a little too early to predict anything but the platform wars are truly turning into a bloody knockdown dirty street fight.

Via: Winsupersite