This is great news for mobile phone users that like the extra protection afforded by the awesome Gorilla Glass by Corning. Apparently, they shared a teaser that they will be unveiling their next gen Gorilla Glass 2 at CES this year. The new glass tech supposedly keeps its same level of damage-resistant toughness, but comes in a thinner and lighter package. Additionally, it further facilitates "broader touch technology penetration", which basically means that touch-based gestures will be easier to detect and more refined through the glass.

Here are just a few of the demonstrations that Corning is supposedly planning on having at the tradeshow this year:
  • An 82-inch advanced multi-touch LCD display prototype featuring Corning Gorilla Glass as a durable, touch-sensitive, and elegant cover glass.
  • Touch-enabled automobile interior and home appliance center simulators demonstrating the enhanced user interface experience that thin, durable glass can enable in new design applications.
  • A centerpiece, Gorilla Glass-covered video wall, flanked by Gorilla Glass fabricated sound speakers, projecting the latest in Corning specialty glass technology news.

Here's a quote from James Steiner, Senior VP and General Manager of Corning Specialty Materials,

As we did last year, we’ll provide consumers and customers visiting the Corning booth the opportunity to test first-hand the outstanding damage resistance and flexibility of this industry-leading, ultra-thin, and tough specialty glass.
Source: AndroidPolice