The Taiwanese marketing research firm, Marketing Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) has come out with some predictions for 2012. They believe that global smartphone shipments will likely reach 614 Million units, up from 452 Million estimated for last year. They also indicate that Android will be leading the way and should grow to 50% of the global market, with Apple slipping to 19% and Microsoft growing to 13%.

Their predictions for manufacturers suggest that Samsung will become the top vendor, and should reach 21.7%, while Apple's share of the market will also grow to 18.7%. Despite HTC's rough 4th quarter of last year, MIC predicts that they will rebound and grow their share to 10.9%. Speaking of predictions... share your Android based predictions of 2012 with all of us in the forums. What do you think will be a hit or miss? What new Android tech do you think will pleasantly surprise or greatly disappoint this new year?

Source: BGR