If you have been following info on the Asus PadFone, that strange but interesting hybrid/phone docking device they hinted at in May, then you will pleased to know that your wait for official info is almost here. Asus confirmed that they will demo the device at Mobile World Congress in February. They did already share a few tidbits. It will likely already have Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich driving it. There were also rumors that it may come with the new Tegra 3, quad-core chip powering it. In the video above you can see a prototype being played with.

It seems like a device with potential. Of course, it could end up as poorly received as the Sony dual-screen phone that came out earlier this year... some ideas are either too far ahead of their time, or just not quite useful enough to contend with the fickleness of the average consumer.

Source: TransformerForums via PhoneArena