Although this isn't directly Android related, we know that many Android users are huge fans of their Gorilla Glass, and it was exciting to see that Corning debuted their next-gen Gorilla Glass 2 at CES earlier in the week. Today at CES, a company called Perspective Pixels was showing off their 82-Inch multi-touch display, which uses this next-gen Gorilla Glass 2. Supposedly, this is the world's largest multi-touch capacitive flat-panel technology display. Because of the new Gorilla Glass 2 tech, the screen is just 2mm thick, allowing them to make the entire 82-inch display only 6-inches deep.

And of course, the Gorilla Glass 2 still keeps its amazing toughness. In fact, in the video demo above you can see the demonstrator punch the screen toward the end. Who wants one of these for their living room?

Source: SlashGear