Last year the TI OMAP 4 made it's appearance in a variety of high profile smartphones and tablets. Motorola favored them in their Android smartphones and Tablets while e-readers, such as the NOOK, enjoyed their speed and reliability as well. According to Greg Delagi, the senior vice president and general manager of TI’s Wireless Business Unit, we could see the TI OMAP 5 “maybe in the fourth-quarter of 2012.”

While thats not a definite endorsement it appears that is the target quarter they are looking to get the chip into the consumer market. The OMAP 5 differs from OMAP 4 in that it uses a dual-core A15 CPU which is the next generation ARM chip that can support up to four cameras operating at the same time, offer 3D playback, recording, and 2D upsampling to 3D at 1080p resolution, and control up to 8GB of RAM.

The chip will also find it's way into the Windows 8 smartphone market as well. With the processor wars at full pitch Delagi says the competition will be "slower" and "less power efficient" than the OMAP. He goes on to say “If you don’t have these hardware capabilities, you have to do [those functions] on general-purpose processors, which will decrease bandwidth from other things and burn more power.”

Source: Forbes