While this news isn't directly Android related, it does herald an interesting future for our mobile devices, and I just love bringing interesting new technological developments to our readers. I guess it is just the "techno-geek" in me, but whenever I see some amazing new advancement, I feel it must be shared. The newest advance to come down the pipe is in miniaturized storage solutions. Apparently, IBM researchers were able to place a single bit of data (1s and 0s in computer language) on to a space only 12 atoms across. To put it in perspective, current storage solutions do the same thing, but take up millions of atoms.

This advancement basically boils down to us carrying around phones with 1TB (That's Terabyte) of storage within about five years. Besides the fact that this will give our future smartphones massive storage capacity, it also means that a future flash drive could store a copy of every movie ever made in HD, and still have room to spare. Also, its important to note that this achievement was only possible at or near absolute zero temperatures; however, they were also able to achieve the same thing at room temperature on 150 atoms, which is still thousands of times more efficient than current tech.

It looks like very soon, our ability to store information will actually exceed the amount of information that we have to record. What a bright future!

Thanks for the tip, eaks14!

Source: PhoneArena